The66: NT2

The66 is an innovative teaching series that travels through the Bible one book at a time. The goal of the series is to look at the overarching narrative of Scripture by examining the strategic importance all 66 books plays in telling God’s story of redemption. With the belief that so many people don’t have a full understanding of the main message of the Bible, instead of looking at the Bible from a “micro-perspective”, each week Pastor Zach overviews a different book of the Bible from a “macro-perspective”. Each study answers two fundamental questions. What is the main purpose of the book? And, why is this book included in the Bible. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the series, each study come with a study guide, as well as a break down of six¬†daily¬†devotions from that book. Included on this site is the audio from the study, a PDF version of the study & devotional guide, a small group leaders guide, a teaching summary video, and six teaching videos from that book of the Bible.